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5mm Tap and Die

5 mm tap is one of the models, generally 5-0.8=4.2, so the diameter is 4.2.

Tap is a tool for processing internal threads with grooves along the axial direction, also called screw taps. They can be divided into hand taps and machine taps according to the application environment, and metric, American, and imperial taps according to the specifications. GSR offers a wide range of taps and dies in various sizes and standards, please contact us!

5mm Tap and Die

5mm tap and die is also known as taps and dies for the manufacture or repair of external and internal threads. M5 x 0.5mm metric tap and die set is suitable for drilling and tapping alloy steel, non-ferrous metals and cast iron etc.

Features of HSS metric taps and dies

1. Easy chip removal, non-clogging, high efficiency.

2. Precise forming.

3. Long wear-resistant and durable life.

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