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What is the round die?

Round dies are the thread cutting tools used for making external threads. They are round and usually have three or more cutting edges. They are either used for manual use with die stocks or clamped into the socket to use on a turning lathe. Round dies are available slotted (style A) or closed (style B), with closed being the most commonly used style.

How to use the round die?

1. Select the right rod, round die and die stock;.

2. Fasten down the rod on a proper holding device

3. Hold the round die with the die stock, placing the die on the rod with the chamfered side and starting the threads

4. When you’re ready to start, put some cutting oil on the head of the rod. Centering the die and align it, turn in the clockwise direction, making two complete rotations. Then turn anticlockwise for half a cycle. Repeat this process until the complete threading

5. Remove the die. Turn the wrench anticlockwise until the die is entirely out. The threading process is complete.

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