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Different Ways of Classifying Lathe Props

Sep. 03, 2021

Lathe tools are tools that can be used in conjunction with a lathe to produce turned parts and to shape the material into the required shape. They are an important part of CNC machining.

This article looks at the different types of lathe tools you can use in your machining projects. GSR threads shares them with you.

Different Ways of Classifying Lathe Props

What is a lathe?

A lathe is a CNC machine that can be used to produce turned parts. A variety of lathe cutting tools are used to shape different materials into the desired shape through a variety of operations such as turning, undercutting, knurling, drilling, facing, boring and cutting.

Classification of lathe tools

There are two main ways of classifying lathe tools: material and purpose. The different classifications and their respective lathe tools are described below.

Classification by material

This is the classification of lathe tools using the materials of which they are composed. The following are the common types of lathe tools classified according to the type of material.

1,High speed steel tools

These are turning tools with an edge from high speed steel. As such, they are ideal for roughing and semi-finishing operations.

2,Carbide tools

Lathe tools with cutting edges from carbide. They are therefore ideal for cutting iron, plastic, glass, stone, steel and other difficult to machine materials.

3,Diamond inserts

Diamond is a very hard and wear-resistant material. It has a low coefficient of friction, a high modulus of elasticity, high thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Classification by application

This is a classification of lathe tools according to their function. The following are the common types of lathe tools classified according to their use.

1,Turning tools

In terms of their use, lathes generally have two types: rough turning tools and finishing turning tools.

Rough turning tools are used to remove a large part of the workpiece in a very short time. They have a ground cutting angle that allows for removal and they can withstand maximum cutting pressure. Fine turning tools are lathe turning tools for removing small parts of the workpiece. The angles are ground and, according to their name, the end product has a smooth and accurate surface.  

2,Thread cutting tools

Thread cutting tools are used to cut threads on lathe parts. There are two general forms: internal thread cutting and external thread cutting. External thread cutting involves fixing the workpiece in a chuck or mounting it between two centres. In internal thread cutting, the part is held in the chuck while the tool moves in a linear fashion across the chuck, removing the chips from the workpiece as it passes.

Different Ways of Classifying Lathe Props

3,Parting tools

A parting tool is a narrow-edged tool used to cut material from a workpiece. It comes in many forms and uses and its widespread use indicates that it functions as a turning and cutting tool.

4,Chamfering tools

A chamfering tool is a lathe turning tool used to create grooves in a part. It can also be used to create smooth or dangerous edges on a workpiece.

5,Knurling tools

Knurling tools are lathe tools that produce knurled lathe parts by creating a specific pattern in a circular section. You can therefore use them as handles for fasteners such as handles or nuts.  

6,Finishing tools

An end tool is a lathe tool used to cut a flat surface perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece. The tool holder located on the lathe carriage holds the tool in place during machining so that it can be fed perpendicularly through the axis of rotation of the part.

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