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Wire thread insert

Stainless steel GSR thread inserts guarantee a very good corrosion and heat resistance. The cross section is rhombic. The wire is coiled into an elastic spring. There is a tappet at the lower end. While screwing in the thread insert, the spring is slightly tensed and holds the insert in the internal thread. 

The threaded set creates a standard high precision internal thread that is superior in all aspects to that created by tapping directly with a tap. Initially designed for use in the automotive and aerospace industries, it is primarily used to repair dead threads and to increase the strength of standard threads. The thread sheath is mainly made of a diamond-shaped stainless steel material wound in a similar way to a spring, and is also known as a wire thread sheath.

Technical Data:

Material304 Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment:

● Dry Film Lubricant(Mollylube)

Providing additional lubrication in high friction applications

High temperature resistance

Mildly corrosion resistant

● Cadmium Plating

High corrosion resistant

Preventing galling during installing

● Nickel Plating

High corrosion resistant

Preventing galling during installing

● Silver Plating

Reducing galling of threads at high temperature

● Colored

● Free Running

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