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131 pieces Thread Repair Kit

The GSR thread inserts are used to repair threads by keeping the original nominal size or to reinforce a thread. GSR now offers a complete range of inserts for metric threads, as well as tools for professional assembly. To store the kit we developed shapely plastic boxes for the individual sizes as well as two big boxes for the repair assortments.
The GSR thread inserts are highly resilient, cost-efficient and easy to assemble.

Following tools are required:

● Tap hole twist drill 5.2-6.2-8.3-10.4-12.4

● Screw tap M5-M12

● Insertion tool M5-M12

● Break tool M5-M12

● Thread Inserts M5 1.5d 25pcs; M6 1.5d 25pcs; M8 1.5d 25pcs; M10 1.5d 25pcs; M12 1.5d 10pcs;


● Drilling out the damaged thread

● Cleaning the bore

● Thread cutting for the thread inserts

● Cleaning the thread

● Screwing in the thread insert

● Breaking off the tappet of the thread insert

131 pieces Thread Repair Kit

Thread Repair Set.pdf