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Thread Restorer Files

A thread restorer (thread file) is a tool used to fix threads on nuts or bolts that have become damaged. One type of thread restorer is a thread restoring file. There are other types of thread restoring tools as well.

Technical Data:

SurfaceBlack Finished

External ONLYRegular BoltThreadsMetric0.75/1.00/1.25/1.50/1.75/2.00/2.50/3.00
External ONLYRegular BoltThreadsBSW/BSF11/12/14/16/18/20/22/26
External ONLYRegular BoltThreadsUNC/UNF12/13/14/16/18/20/24/28
External ONLYRegular BoltThreadsBSP/PF11/12/14/16/19/20/22/28