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What Is A STI Tap?

Aug. 06, 2021

High Performance Machine Tap, GSR Silver, for through and blind holes

S.T.I. (Screw Thread Insert) Taps are special taps for helical coil wire screw thread inserts, which provide positive means for protecting and strengthening tapped threads in any material.The insert offers a stronger tapped thread for a balanced distribution of loads. 


These STI taps are correctly sized to produce an internal thread that accommodates a helical coil wire screw thread insert. Metric sizes are referred to as thread pitch. Chamfers are the length of the tapering threads at the front of the tap.The insert, in turn, will accept a screw thread of the nominal size and pitch at final assembly. Screw thread inserts provide stronger tapped threads (stronger assemblies) due to a more balanced distribution of loads throughout the length of thread engagement.


What is the difference between HeliCoil tap and regular tap?

A screw thread insert tap, or STI tap, operates in the same manner as a "standard" tap. However, the difference is that STI taps produce an oversized thread specifically for E-Z Coil™ inserts.STI taps are ideal for softer metals that require a strong threaded insert.


What are thread inserts used for?

Thread forming STI Taps are used to form internal threads by displacing the metal without producing chips in large holes. They are ideal for aluminum, brass, copper, steel and soft metals.

Threaded inserts are commonly used in plastic casings, housing, and parts to create a metal thread (typically: brass or stainless steel) to allow for screws to be used in the assembly of many consumer electronics and consumer products.


DIN371 DIN376 Machine Tap, Spiral Point for through hole

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