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Maintenance and Use of Drill Bits

Mar. 29, 2021

The Carbide Drill Bits Supplier share with you about the maintenance and use of the drill bit. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Drill Bit

Drill Bit


1. When drilling steel parts, please ensure sufficient cooling and use metal cutting fluid.

2. Good drill pipe rigidity and guide rail clearance can improve the accuracy of drilling and the life of the drill bit

3. Please ensure that the magnetic base and the workpiece are level and clean.

4. When drilling thin plates, reinforce the workpiece, and when drilling large workpieces, please ensure the stability of the workpiece.

5. At the beginning and end of drilling, the feed rate should be reduced by 1/3.

6. When drilling and cutting, there are a lot of fine powder materials, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc., you can use compressed air to help chip removal without using coolant.

7. Please remove the iron filings wound on the drill body in time to ensure smooth chip removal.


1. The Drill Bit should be packed in a special packaging box to avoid vibration and collision.

2. When in use, take out the drill bit from the packing box and install it into the spring chuck of the spindle or the tool magazine for automatic drill bit replacement. Put it back in the box immediately after use.

3. To measure the diameter of the drill bit, use a non-contact measuring instrument such as a tool microscope to prevent the cutting edge from contacting with the mechanical measuring instrument and being bumped.

4. Some CNC drilling machines use positioning rings. Some CNC drilling machines do not use positioning rings. If a fixed ring is used, the depth positioning during installation must be accurate. If the positioning ring is not used, the elongation of the drill bit on the spindle must be adjusted. Consistent, multi-spindle drilling machine should pay more attention to this point, so that the drilling depth of each spindle should be the same. If it is inconsistent, it may cause the drill bit to drill to the table or fail to drill through the circuit board, resulting in scrap.

5. At ordinary times, a 40x stereo microscope can be used to check the wear of the cutting edge of the drill.

6. Frequently check the concentricity of the spindle and the collet chuck and the clamping force of the collet. Poor concentricity will cause small-diameter drills to break and large apertures. If the clamping force is not good, the actual speed will be different from the actual speed. The set speed does not match, slipping between the chuck and the drill.

7. The clamping length of the fixed shank drill bit on the spring chuck is 4 to 5 times the diameter of the drill shank to be clamped firmly.

8. Always check the spindle presser foot. The contact surface of the presser foot should be horizontal and vertical to the spindle without shaking to prevent broken drills and offset holes in the drilling.

9. The dust suction effect of the drill press is better. The dust suction air can reduce the temperature of the drill bit, and at the same time, it takes away the dust and reduces the high temperature caused by friction.

10. The substrate stack, including the upper and lower pads, should be firmly positioned and laid flat in a hole-to-slot positioning system on the workbench of the drilling machine. The use of adhesive tape should prevent the drill bit from drilling on the tape to make the drill bit adhere to the chips, causing difficulty in chip removal and broken drills.

11. When ordering the manufacturer’s drill bit, 4% of the drill bit shall be sampled to check whether it meets the requirements when entering the factory for inspection. And 100% of the nicks, scratches and cracks are inspected with a microscope of 10 to 15 times.

12. When sharpening the drill, try to grind the two main cutting edges of the twist drill as symmetrically, so that the radial forces of the two main cutting edges cancel each other out to prevent the drill from deviating and expanding the hole diameter.

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