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DIN5157 BSP Hand Tap, G 1/8 G 3/8 G 1/4 2pcs HSS-G

DIN5157 BSP Hand Tap Set, 2pcs HSS-G

Technical Data:

SurfaceBright Finished
Flute TypeStraight
Cutting DirectionRight
Thread Angle55°
Both EndsFlat
ApplicationInternal thread cutting for through and blind holes

We offer various types of internal thread cutting tools.

Brief Introduction:

Whitworth-threads have a steeper fl ank compared to metric threads: thread angle 55° compared to thread angle 60° of metric threads. There is a distinction between conical and cylindrical types of Whitworth-threads. Conical threads according to DIN EN 10226-1 (old DIN 2999) are referred to as metallic sealing.

The reason for that is that the nominal diameter of a conical thread matches the mating thread after several turns. By further tightening the pipe, both threads jam and thus become metallic sealing. Cylindrical threads according to DIN ISO 228 are not self-sealing. (Abbreviation = G)

BSP Tap DIN5157.pdf