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How To Identify the Pros and Cons of Taps

Jan. 11, 2021

There are many types of taps on the market now. Due to the different materials used, the prices of the same specifications are also quite different. It makes buyers look at flowers in the fog. I don’t know which one to buy. The following is a tap guide to teach you a few simple method:

Professional Taps

Professional Taps


Check if the thread at the front end of the tap groove is evenly ground and whether there is a quick cut at the cutting edge of the groove. The good ones are in the positive 7-shape, and the bad ones are in the reversed 7-shape or U-shape. Precision of thread)

Check the heat treatment situation: whether the Professional Taps is broken when falling into the air in a parabolic curve. The break indicates that it is brittle

Knock off the tap to see that its fracture is obliquely long and the grains in the fracture are finely knotted, indicating that the heat treatment and material are good, flat or obliquely short, and the coarse grain (metallographic structure) is not well measured.


The quality of Industrial Taps mainly depends on its original material, heat treatment, geometry, precision, equipment, speed and processed material, hardness, quality of the operator, etc., how relevant! When selecting a tap, pay special attention to the original material, heat treatment, and geometry of the tap. For different machining holes, it is recommended to choose different types of taps! We supply different types of Industrial Taps.

In actual operation, the grinding of the cutting edge is very important, especially for stainless steel series, which can be divided into cutting and lengthening the guide. The cutting edge should be ground to a lower angle to increase the strength of the tap. At the same time, cooling and lubrication are required. Keep up, the service life of the tap is relatively long! In short, we are dealing with specific situations concretely.

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