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DIN357 Machine Screw Nut Tapping Tap

DIN357 Nut taps are used to produce nuts with metric ISO standard threads according to DIN 13-1. 

They have a very long lead ( 2/3 of the thread length) and are suitable for thread depths up to 1.5 x nominal diameter in short through holes. 

The purpose of the nut taps with 2/3 lead is durability (long service life) due to good cutting distribution. The surface of the cut thread is also very smooth, which is very important for nuts that have to be loosened frequently. 

The construction dimensions are regulated in the DIN standard 357 (for metric iso-thread from M3 to M 20)



  • long reduced shank to allow nuts to run over

  • for thread depth up to 1.5 x D

  • ideal for tapping holes where difficult to reach

  • for through threads

  • non-abrasive material up to 800 N/mm²

  • unalloyed and low alloyed steel


Type of thread: metric ISO-thread

Standard: DIN 357

Material: HSS or HSSE

Tolerance: ISO2 (6H)

Type of flute: straight fluted

Application: for through holes

Thread standard: DIN 13


DIN357 Machine Screw Nut Tapping Tap