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Chinese HSS Hand Tap Set ISO529

ISO 529:2017 specifies the general dimensions of short machine taps and hand taps. These dimensions, established as functions of the thread diameter and pitch, are the following:


- length of thread (maximum);

- overall length;

- shank diameter and dimensions of the driving square;


- dimensions of the connecting portion between the shank and threaded part.


ISO 529:2017 is applicable to taps intended for cutting the following threads:


a) ISO metric threads:


- coarse pitch;

- fine pitch;

b) ISO inch threads:


- "Unified Coarse" series (UNC) and "Unified Fine" series (UNF);

c) Inch threads, non-recommended:


- "British Standard Whitworth" (BSW) and "British Standard Fine" (BSF);

- "British Association" (BA).